The SAT Catalyst Fund is a matching fund, to incentivize churches to participate in Impact Investing. An opportunity exists for individuals and foundations to invest in the SAT Catalyst Fund and receive a return on your money. All investments are with donated dollars, with advisory rights with regard to investments made, churches matched and ultimate charitable beneficiaries.


Individuals: An individual may donate money directly to the SAT Catalyst Fund or they may direct their Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at a foundation to invest in the Fund. In either case, we open an account for the individual or DAF. The individual may advise on which investments they want their dollars to be allocated to and/or the churches they would like their funds to be used as a match. If an individual is a member of a participating church, he/she may not invest in the SAT Catalyst Fund directly until their church membership has reached the minimum goal. The individual also has the right to direct the residual proceeds of the fund to their DAF at a foundation or other beneficial charity.


Foundations: Private and public foundations may invest in the SAT Catalyst Fund with the same advisory rights as an individual, including directing the residual proceeds back to your foundation.

Churches: Please contact us at – Phone: 816-419-3291 OR Emai:

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