Project Examples

The SAT catalyst Fund will only invest in projects which have been thoroughly vetted for feasibility and missional impact. More information can be found on our vetting process on the Details page.  Below are just a few of the companies and organizations we know of who are candidates for Performance Philanthropy and Impact Investing through the SaT Catalyst Fund.  Besides these, we can work with individual churches, non-profits and kingdom-minded businesses to develop new ones.

Help End Human Trafficking

We work with partners in third world countries to employ exploited and marginalized people out of vulnerable circumstances. Our livable-wage policies help prevent trafficking and exploitation for coming generations, giving our employees the ability to send their kids to school and provide a good life.

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Africa’s Missing Middle

In Andy Agaba’s home country of Uganda, the major crisis they face is unemployment.  Eight out of ten who graduate from college will not find a job.  Is the answer more charity or even more micro-loans?  Not according to him.  What Africa needs are more small to medium enterprises (SME’s).

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Prophetic Entrepreneurship

It’s time to reimagine our cities and the role the church can play in launching and engaging prophetic entrepreneurs—those who are envisioning and practicing in the marketplace while creating equitable and sustainable outcomes for the marginalized.

Radical Business

 “I believe God is moving His church toward a new and radical business mindset. I see it in millennials who… want their work to be about mission. I see it in my peers who would rather invest in a giving engine than continually give to an ongoing need.”

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Connecting the Least Connected

There are approximately 500 million smallholder farmers in the developing world, operating farms under 13 acres, and serve an important role in food systems.  These farmers have 3 main needs:  access to capital, agronomic expertise and access to better markets. 

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Business as Mission – Sunshine Nuts Co.

At the Sunshine Nut Co., our mission is to serve the poor, widowed, and orphaned of Mozambique. Through employment, in a productive economic engine, we replace dependence with independence, hand-outs with hand-ups, entitlement with earned income.

Fighting Poverty with Dignity

“When we do ‘for’ someone what they could do for themselves we actually diminish and disempower them. As well-intentioned as our efforts have been, our one way giving has unconsciously communicated to the recipient that they have nothing to contribute.”

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