Current Projects

The SAT catalyst Fund will only invest in projects which have been thoroughly vetted for feasibility and missional impact. More information can be found on our vetting process on the Details page. Besides projects listed here, we can work with individual churches, non-profits and kingdom-minded businesses to develop new ones.

Partner With Farmer

Partner with a Christian Farmer/Pastor

Project Details:

Farmers in developing nations rarely get a fair shake. Due to cash flow needs, they typically have to sell their crops at harvest time, when prices are typically at their lowest, frequently 20% less than what they could otherwise receive.


We are working with an organization in a predominantly Muslim country that works with Christian farmer/pastors to increase their cash flow, enabling them to better sustain their ministry.

Sunshine Nuts Company

Business as Mission – Sunshine Nuts Co.

Project Details:

Transform an entire community in Mozambique through the Sunshine Approach. This project embodies to its fullest extent the meaning of Business as Mission.


At the Sunshine Nut Co., our mission is to serve the poor, widowed, and orphaned of Mozambique. We do that through a quadruple bottom lined business model known as the Sunshine Approach. We develop a market for smallholder farmers and we hire workers to run an engine of transformation – which is a food factory.


The purpose is to do things which provide a means for the most forgotten to flourish. Through employment, in a productive economic engine, we replace dependence with independence, hand-outs with hand-ups, entitlement with earned, despair with hope, adversity with opportunity, stagnation with transformation, worthlessness with dignity and failure with excellence.


Your donation to the Sunshine Vision Fund is converted into an investment in the Sunshine Nuts Co. that builds into an ever-growing fund to transform the economic and spiritual future of widows and orphans in Mozambique. Through IRS approved Program Related Investments model, your donation is transformed into a business investment that fuels the business goals that are directly aligned with the charitable vision of the Sunshine Vision Fund.