SaT Catalyst Fund

When Another Donation Just Won’t Do

Performance Philanthropy and Impact Investing for:

The SAT Catalyst Fund makes it possible for individuals, churches and businesses to practice “Impact Investing” with faith-driven endeavors using Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).  The focus is on helping raise capital for start-up and early growth opportunities that create both sustainable and transformational (SaT) change.  There are countless ways to address poverty and extend the gospel that don’t require an ongoing source of charitable dollars to keep them going.  It is in this space that some of the most creative entrepreneurs and forward thinking investors are coming together to change the face of philanthropy and what it means to help others.

Things like job creation, Business as Mission around the world and home ownership for low-income families are all examples of Impact Investing.  Funding for such things help create economic engines and wealth generating assets that will no longer need our charitable dollars. 

It’s simple.  We are using Performance Philanthropy and Impact Investing to create sustainable and transformational change through the faith-driven community. 

Churches Investing in Enterprise Solutions