SaT Catalyst Fund

Individuals & Families

An individual may open a Designated PRI Account at the SaT Catalyst Fund and direct those funds into Impact Investments.

SaT Catalyst Fund

For Individuals & Families

The SAT Catalyst Fund is a catalyst for churches, businesses and their congregation to work together on enterprise solutions.  We help facilitate this collaboration.

Its two-fold purpose is to:

  • Unleash the practice of Impact Investing through local congregations
  • Connect the business-minded and many Millennials to the mission work of their church.

The SAT Catalyst Fund enables churches and their members to use charitable dollars as loans and start-up capital.  Funds are recycled, allowing you to re-deploy the same dollars over and over again as projects pay back.

Open an Account

For Individuals & Families

How It Works

  1. Open a Designated PRI Account by clicking here
  2. Fund your account. You may do this by check, credit card or transferring an existing DAF.  Speak to us if you would like to donate assets such as real estate or stocks.
  3. Recommend Investments. You may select from the offerings we have or you may suggest your own.  We are very flexible and able to customize impactful opportunities.
  4. Monitor your investments. Keep track of the organizations you have invested in and the impact they are making.
  5. Re-invest. As investment capital and earnings are returned, they get deposited in your account.  You may either reinvest or grant out to charities of your choice.

Sustainable & Transformative Project Examples

About Us

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The SAT catalyst Fund invests in projects which have been vetted for feasibility and missional impact.

The SaT Catalyst Fund is an LLC wholly owned and operated by Significant Mattters, a 501(c)3 public charity.  SaT Catalyst Fund does not offer investments as private offerings, but as philanthropic donation opportunities.

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